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Shout! A Proclamation

Throughout the Streets!

you're so...debonair
2 October
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a dictionary




pink polo




peppermint tea


215, 24, acoustic, altoids, american idol, amos lee, ben harper, black holes, blind boys of alabama, boys who play tennis, boys who ski, brits, caffeine, calculus, caramel coffee, chamomile tea, chapstick, cheers darlin, chewing gum, chilling, chris martin, cigar scent, cinnamon, clarinet, coffee, coldplay, coldplay live, damien rice, dancing, dancing in the rain, daydreaming, debating, debonair, derivatives, eloquent, england, eskimo friends, ewan mcgregor, extraordinaire, finishing, fireflies, flip-flops, friends, gangsta white boys, gavin degraw, geeks, green, hillcrest park, hot chocolate, howie day, hugh grant, improvisation, j. crew, jack black, jack daniels, jack johnson, jakob dylan, jam bands, jason mraz, jazz, john mayer, jolly ranchers, josh kelley, kanye west, kissing addictions, lava, lightening, lights, lip balm, london, love, lucky charms, margaritas, matt nathanson, miles davis, mint tea, moas, mocha, moulin rouge, music, my sharona, old spice, orange spice tea, outkast, pearls before swine, pep band, peppermints, philosophy, physicalism, quest, quirks, raspberry snapple, raspberry tea, refined people, refreshe, relaxing, rooney, running, ryan adams, saxophone, skies, sleeping, snapple, snoop dogg, snow, softball, solipsism, songwriters, spearmints, spring breeze, springfield, sprinklers, stage crew, starbucks, starry nights, starsailor, stella comedy, sugar in the raw, summer nights, tea, tea in general, tech crew, teddy bears, tequilas, the doors, the knack, the oc, the rain, the starting line, thunder, tickles, time travel, tin foil rings, townhall, tv production, video, volcanoes, water bottle labels, wine, wintergreen tic tacs, words